The Corners of BoTu

Visual research on corners of the urban fabric…


Type: Research
Program: Urban intervention

Location: Bospolder-Tussendijk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Status: Concept
Team: Zico Lopes & Adin Basoe


Atelier Housing – Reactivating the corner building and enabling young entrepreneurial creative s to enter the neighborhood.
Closed street-corners, the corner has always played an important role in architecture, urban planning and in the lives of the residents. Traditionally, the corner buildings was treated specially, this is also the case in BoTu, when you stroll through the streets you see many beautiful corner buildings from an architectural point of view, the plinths has always been somewhat higher, buildings where craftsman stayed like, greengrocers, butchers, shoemakers, etc. an extension of the public space. The high facades lend themselves in advance to display the good. It is therefore very disappointing to note that all corner buildings in BoTu are closed or have a very closed character. The corner where of two worlds come together at one point.