Project: Atelier Zero Point Art

Type: Commissioned
Program: Mix Use – Atelier.Gallery.Leisure
Client: Private

Size: 250 m2
Location: Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde

Status: Design
Team: Zico Lopes & Adin Basoe


ZeropointArtLab is the inspiring and powerful, cross sectorial, independent CapVerdean platform, dedicated to innovating practices and policies in and through arts and culture, by the structured dialogue among the al the Capverdeans around the globo an related criatives takeholders of the cultural and creative ecosystem, in an international perspective.

Promote the CV approaches and experiences internationally and develop the African and international dimension within the CV cultural and creative ecosystem


ZeropointArt creative Lab ia an innovative hub and a ambitious social and cultural entrepreneurship projects. The topic on our agenda will be cultural and creative enterprises, and the discussion, conducted with the participation of international institutions and organisations, will focus on the analysis of experiences, ideas and projects in the areas of cultural proposals and the management of cultural resources. Many speakers from foreign institutions related to CV in General will be invited to participate in our ArtLab, to explore the opportunities, the prospects and the sources of credit available to African cultural and creative enterprises.


Our program includes conferences, workshops and networking sessions, where companies, professionals, cultural operators, public institutions and international networks will be able constantly to exchange ideas on the themes of creativity, sustainability and policies for the cultural industries.