Design Philosophy

Our aim is to focus on quality architecture, it doesn’t matter the size or the origination or the setting. I work very closely with my clients, creating tailor-made plans, interpreting their dreams and their desires, whether we’re designing a commercial space, a residence or a humanitarian project.

Our vision is characterized by the sense of space, spatial perception and the freedom of moving and exploring the given world. We don’t only create buildings but we also shape the space to generate several experiences by connecting the perceiver with the space and it’s surrounding, pre-setting boundaries where one can be free to define and redefine the space by observing the environment through movement.

Space & Movement

The space is open and free for the user to move through and be able to create their own perception of the space. The distinction between private and public is defined by objects.

Flexible & Multifunctional

We are not defined as such. We have to be able to grow and have the ability to change along the way, does the play have to be flexible and multifunctional.

Human Interaction

Interaction generates reaction. One is able to learn from interacting with each other. We aim to create visual and physical interaction moments, places where the visitor and owner meet eachother and learn from eachother.

Expertise and service

Spatial Codes works on projects rang­ing from entirely new build­ings and Mas­ter­plans to inter­ven­tions within existing struc­tures. We cre­ate spatial intervention which opti­mize val­ues while enhancing the sense of space place and time on both the envi­ron­ment and the users.

We pro­vide both pub­lic and pri­vate clients with archi­tec­tural and mas­ter­plan­ning ser­vices, inte­rior and prod­uct design. Spatial Codes is strongly com­mit­ted to meet­ing the aspi­ra­tions of our clients and deliv­er­ing the promise.

Ser­vices offered by Spatial Codes include:

  • Spatial Intervention through Archi­tec­ture, Inte­rior design & Product design
  • Spatial Strategy through masterplanning
  • Spatial Consultancy to optimize the spatial value
  • Sup­port for building per­mit appli­ca­tions